Sea Level Rising in the Chesapeake Bay & Beyond — Fox Island & the US Naval Academy

气候变化丹尼斯可以选择忽视所有想要的人造气候变化的压倒性的科学共识。他们在自己的眼睛之前继续否认证据了多久?两个直接的例子 - 福克斯岛和美国海军学院。

For 40 years, theChesapeake Bay Foundation在福克斯岛上运行教育计划, an island between the Tangier and Pocomoke sounds. This is the last year, however. Rising sea levels have effectively washed the island away.

的Baltimore Sunreports that after analyzing historic aerial photos, the foundation estimates the bay has swallowed up more than 70% of the island’s land in the last 50 years.

Foundation educators say sea level rise and erosion are destroying the protective salt marshes surrounding the island, making the foundation’s educational center there unsafe to continue operating for students in the future.的Fox Island Education Program will conclude its final season this fall.

切萨皮克的群岛不是海平面上升唯一受到影响的地区。安纳波利斯的美国海军学院的部分地区也经常在高潮中唤醒。在10月版的Proceedings, Commander Pat Paterson, U.S. Navy (Retired) in an article titled,Climate Change is Coming for Annapolis, writes:


Just this month the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis wasshortened because of street flooding. The boats kept floating. The street and bridges, not so much.

Further south, the Mar-a-Lago resort, whose owner calls climate change a “Chinese hoax,” may beawash by the turn of the century, if not sooner, according to recent projections.

Overall, an estimated126 million people in the United States alone受海平面上升的威胁。

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15 Responses toSea Level Rising in the Chesapeake Bay & Beyond — Fox Island & the US Naval Academy

  1. Willy says:

    It may be happening up north. Yet it isnt happening here in Maine. The snows are deeper. The winter is longer. Contrary to the reports of some places being milder. It just isnt happening for those of us in the northeast usa. In 1985 to 1995 our winters ended in April with us seeing May flowers. The last 5 years I have kept track of have us starting to see open ground in May. This last summer we only had 6 weeks of temperatures above 70F. June alone was very cold and our crops did not grow as much of them died from nights still in the thirties.


    Resident of Sorrento Maine

  2. Willy says:


  3. Phil says:

    Where are you?
    Where do you live?
    Only 2 questions!

  4. Ginny says:

    How fortunate you are to live so far north in Maine. Alas that the rest of Maine seems to be sining while Sorrento rises…………where I live (on an island offf Massachusetts, erosion is wiping our island away and the rising ocean is doing its share. Our summers have been hotter and more humid as well as total dought except that this summer we did have enough rain to sustain Mother Nature. Winters are definitely milder. I’m an old woman now and memories extend back to the early 40’s. Climate change is not a hoax; it is real and it will get worse. Ninety seven percent of the scientists who study such things probably aren’t wrong!

  5. Willy says:


    Ginny? Erosion doesnt mean the sea is rising. Erosion happens because no one has stabilized the soil to erosion. IE beach grasses or riprap stonrs are also good to stop erosion.

  6. 汉克布尔卡德 says:

    Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach have been flooding steadily deeper at spring tide for years, and even normal tides come up in the towns when the wind is foul. Annapolis, and especially the adjacent Naval Academy, are bailing furiously and mostly fruitlessly. Richmond’s getting damn damp, and the National Mall will go back to being a marsh unless wholly unholy sums are spent pretty speedily. But hey nonny nonny, this is God’s country, and we trust in the Lord, and what the Hell anyway, this is the End Times.

  7. Willy,


    Why Is the Gulf of Maine Warming Faster Than 99% of the Ocean?

  8. 汉克布尔卡德 says:

    缅因州没有经历洪水,因为注册ion is rising at nearly the same rate as the oceans, rebounding from the melting of miles-thick ice that depressed the land during the last ice age. Willy could look it up.

  9. Doug Bostrom says:

    +++ to Hank, who got it right.

    海平面上升的利率变化无处不在的一个数字of reasons, but it’s a net gain/loss situation. Overwhelmingly it’s gain, not loss, but Maine is a special case.

    Supposingfor a moment that Greenland lost most of its ice, sea level immediately around Greenland would actually秋季, because the gravitational attraction of all that ice that has been converted to water is gone.

    Sea level isn’t necessarily intuitive.

  10. Willy says:

    Thankyou Doug.

    的Bay of Foundy may be warming. Yet that heat hasnt gone to Frenchman’s Bay. Frenchman’s Bay does influence our weather. On average the bay makes the surrounding towns 10 degrees warmer in the winter as opposed to inland temps. Yet in the summer we are 10 degrees cooler. You can feel it if your arm is outside in the open air in the summer. Drive route one going north out of Ellsworth. Cross the bridge from Hancock to Sullivan and the sensation is immediate.

    但我仍然没有气候变化。的re are some places that have been warmer. Alas it could be 80F in Indianna. Yet we are still at 35F. To me, climate change means everyones temp goes up. Right now in the midwest from the eastern side of Washington through to Wyoming they have an early winter. Yet it is autumn weather here in the northeast. Normal weather for us. Nope, if there is truly climate change? Everyone will be posting warmer temps at the same time everywhere.

  11. James Cook says:


    的second way to limit man impact is to impoverish us. Energy is wealth. It is the ability to transform low value items into high value items. Unfortunately our leaders seem to prefer to impoverish us as it makes us more controllable.

  12. Either new technology will address the man-made problem of global warming or we will destroy ourselves. There is no shortage of clean energy. We just need the will and vision to tap into it.

  13. Commander Pat Paterson, U.S. Navy (Retired) must be loosing his marbles.
    As a Navy man he should know that Spring Tides happen approximately fortnightly, not weekly.

  14. 对不起,应该是“失败”

  15. Doug Bostrom says:

    威利,一个有用的方式来考虑这一点是在寒冷天气到温暖天气的比例方面。虽然这是真实的,温度摆动上下,实际上我们仍然设置寒冷的温度(部分是因为记录不一定是给定位置的记录)有一个trendto the swing.

    See this helpful article, in particular the graphic showing the changing relationship of record cold temperatures to record warm temperatures.

    It’s another feature that goes against our intuition.